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"My son is almost 11. We haven't finished putting them all up but they work great! My husband is almost 200 lbs, he climbed to the top no problem. My 12 yr old.son is the average size of a 16.5 year old and he also can climb them. Very sturdy. Fun for kids that don't have typical "climbing trees" in their yard."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Juliana M
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Regular exercise is vital for young children, ensuring a solid foundation for growth and development. Unfortunately, with the introduction of tablets and devices, little kiddos often opt for screens instead of exercise-friendly toys, causing kiddos to become lazy and overweight and sometimes causing vision problems. Sadly, this leads to significant risks of developing health problems like type 2 diabetes, asthma and liver disease, causing overwhelming concern, stress and anxiety.



Reasons Why LittleSummit Will Change Your Life!


✅  FOR ALL AGES: With different age groups in mind, the robust design will support up to 230 lbs. LittleSummit confidently provides everybody with an engaging and enjoyable experience, from toddlers to adults.

✅ IMPROVES MIND: As well as providing an incredible boost to physical development, LittleSummit's unique design dramatically enhances little one's mental capabilities. This additional mental stimulation leads to well-rounded and satisfying tiredness




 HELPS GROWTH: Aimed at empowering kiddos, LittleSummit's design promotes physical strength and growth. Little ones can advance physical development significantly, ensuring consistent progress alongside friends.

✅  EASY TO INSTALL: Prioritizing ease of use, LittleSummit boasts a clever design that needs no tools for setup. This handy feature allows little monkeys to begin climbing almost immediately




✅  STRONG & DURABLE: With safety in mind, LittleSummit's grips and holds are carefully designed with solid textures and ergonomic curves. The safety measures are engineered to provide little ones with an exceptionally secure environment, prioritizing well-being and safety.

✅ INTERACTIVE FUN: LittleSummit is engineered for group interactions, promoting teawork and social interaction. Embrace the joys of watching little kiddos interacting with each other, finding creative ways to reach the grips and climb higher.


How To Use LittleSummit



We understand the worries and concerns when little ones are constantly glued to their tablets and devices. It can be frustrating when you're trying to get your kiddos to run around in the backyard and play, but they're more interested in playing games on their devices. A recent study revealed strong evidence that children who use tablets and devices excessively could become overweight, lack social interaction skills and have severe health problems.

LittleSummit offers a fun way for kiddos to stay active, promoting excellent health and development. LittleSummit presents a one-of-a-kind design that converts any tree into a safe but thrilling climbable adventure, providing little ones with endless hours of fun. Embrace the joys of little ones, feeling more confident than ever with incredible physical development, improved concentration and enhanced fine motor skills.

Package Contents


(6) X LittleSummit Climbing Grips
(2) X Tie Down Straps
(1) X Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide



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